Getting energy communities engaged with Community Transition Pathways – a visionary and trust-building tool

A roadmap that plays a pivotal part in helping energy citizens envision their role in the energy transition. Community Transition Pathways pinpoint obstacles and motivators for citizen engagement, establish shared objectives, and identify resources and activities.

Even though the European Green Deal underlines that citizens play an essential role in the energy transition, citizen engagement often faces challenges due to the complexity of actor and policy landscapes.

Community Transition Pathways (CTPs) offer an effective tool for shaping a citizen-driven vision of sustainable energy systems. They can be applied by diverse types of energy communities, whether formal or informal, already ongoing or just planning to start.

By pinpointing obstacles and motivators for citizen engagement, establishing shared objectives, and identifying resources and activities required to realize these goals, CTPs foster trust, transparency, and commitment within energy communities.

CTPs provide an effective tool for outlining the futures of energy communities by fostering trust within the community. According to the results of GRETA’s multinational survey, trust in fellow citizens is, on average, the highest, second only to trust in scientists.

In GRETA, the success of this instrument was demonstrated in six case studies in which CTPs were applied. They contributed to refining the objectives and transition pathways of energy communities. These visionary pathways can take on various forms, making CTPs a versatile and adaptable tool that can flexibly cater to different types of energy communities.

Fostering new and emerging energy citizen engagement

Community Transition Pathways can foster new and emerging energy citizen engagement by identifying a group’s shared values, enabling the creation of a unified vision for a sustainable future in the short and long term, and setting the necessary steps and resources to achieve it.

In cases where engagement is already established, CTPs can pinpoint necessary resources and upcoming steps toward achieving a community’s sustainability goals.

Finally, for well-established and active energy communities, CTPs can serve as a tool for analyzing past accomplishments and using those lessons to inspire continued motivation within their own community, provide guidance to others, or embark on a scaling-up journey.

Regardless of a community’s initial level of energy engagement, Community Transition Pathways play a pivotal part in helping energy citizens envision their role in the energy transition.

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