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D4.2 Definition of the modelling framework


This deliverable presents the methodological modelling framework that aims to simplify the willingness of citizens from a specific location for energy citizenship to provide information for decision-making. For this purpose, the conceptual model proposed integrates all modelling perspectives adopted in WP4 through an analytical and operationalization approach based on Lotka-Volterra equations that are used to represent the interactions between citizens, companies, and policy makers.

As the main result of the deliverable an Energy Citizenship Actions Catalogue is presented. The catalogue comprises 22 energy citizenship actions from sustainable mobility, clean and affordable energy, circular economy and sustainable consumption and diet habits fields. The catalogue includes the calculation method proposed to understand the potential of emergence of each action, based on the analytical components that characterize them. The energy citizenship actions catalogue presented in this deliverable is the first version of how to model each energy citizenship action.