Energy Citizenship Contract

Energy Citizenship Contract is a formal agreement between energy collectives, citizens, and other stakeholders to reach decarbonization goals at a local level. A community makes an energy citizenship contract (ECC) to stabilize and formalize a pathway of transition, e.g the Community Transition Pathways. ECCs are highly transparent social contracts based on mutual trust and a fair system of ensuring shared benefits, not only obligations. They show the shared willingness to act towards common goals and bind the exchange of interests between different actors to principles of social responsibility.  

In the context of GRETA, ECCs are enhanced forms of agreements drawing inspiration from social contracts and the Climate City Contracts for Climate Neutral Cities. They contain the rules through which citizens participate and act in the related socio-energy community/context: tailor-made and commitment-driven agreements, shared duties and roles, legal operative frameworks, business and financial orientations and time-bound steps of implementation. ECCs are established between the relevant stakeholders in the various GRETA case studies.

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